Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li 

I started producing this hybrid video-podcast series for my father, Robert Buday of Buday Thought Leadership Partners, back in January of 2022. In short, the series is meant to demonstrate his expertise in the field of thought leadership. It is a field all about helping business-to-business firms develop and market superior expertise in solving complex issues. My dad communicates his own expertise through the poignant questions he poses to his guests: successful, well-respected thought leaders of today who come on to share their perspectives.

He tasked me with producing the series for him, taking the interviews with his guests and forming the series from them. In the first episode, Robert speaks with bestselling author and Altimeter Group Founder Charlene Li. You can find the video portion of the episode on YouTube, on the Buday Thought Leadership Partners channel. The podcast counterpart published the following week on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Everything Thought Leadership comes out with a new episode (in video and podcast form) at the start of every month, with the podcast variant releasing a week after the video portion. I do recommend you check it out and consider liking, sharing and subscribing!

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