One Interview, Spun Four Ways

Sometimes one long stretch of video footage can serve many purposes. My work with the “Everything Thought Leadership” video and podcast series usually involves three versions of a video interview: a trailer that previews it; the video itself and a podcast.

In this example, I was able to take an interview with Jim Wetherbe — a business professor, thought leader and highly sought-after speaker — and develop four versions of it. The full-length one (above) used the edited Zoom interview as well as “B-roll” pictures to make it more interesting, and “digressions” to explain background or concepts that were unclear or useful.

Variation #1: The Trailer

Before editing on the full-length video was completed I also developed a trailer for the it, which can be viewed below.

Variation #2: A Narrower Focus On One Key Topic

Another edited version of the video was useful for EIX, a client with whom Jim has worked. In this edited excerpt from the original video, Jim explains why businesses and academic researchers need to work together more closely to identify real-world business problems that need rigorous research to find answers, and improve the success rate of businesses.

Variation #3: The Podcast

With my work for “Everything Thought Leadership,” I always develop podcasts based on the video. This involves far more than just posting the audio version. It requires different editing and many times involves adding commentary that fills in for the missing visuals and helps the listener comprehend. I post the videos on SoundCloud and set up feeds to Buday TLP’s channels on Apple Music and Spotify.

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