Overview of e-Fest – Featuring HydroPhos Solutions

I’ve put together a number of videos for Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX), including those that spotlight e-Fest: the yearly competition between student entrepreneurs looking to fund their startup ventures. The idea behind this particular video (one of four like it) was to spotlight the event itself: how the day is broken up, what the teams are doing, how much funding e-Fest has awarded, and so forth. It primarily featured the perspective of HydroPhos Solutions: the 1st place Grand Champion team from e-Fest 2022.

Putting the video together from start to finish required combing over an hour’s worth of B-roll, archival interviews with HydroPhos team members at the event, and dozens of photos. From there, I created the storyboard for a three-minute video that referenced these resources and organized them into a fluid narrative. I would iterate upon this storyboard several times and create multiple versions of videos following its progression. Sharing my progress with my employer, we came to a final version that we both liked, and this was the result! This video and the others in its series were produced entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro, where I trimmed footage, added transitions, inserted music, and fixed audio hiccups.

Video linked from e-Fest.biz

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