Overview of my Work at SVG.com


In advance of the new year, I wanted to spotlight my most recent stint of writing. Once again, I have returned to writing about my life-long love of video games.

About 9 months ago, I took on a freelance writer position at SVG.com: a multi-platform news and feature outlet dedicated to all things gaming. SVG.com is owned and facilitated by Static Media, which facilitates a number of other pop culture brands including Wrestling Inc, Grunge, and Health Digest.

Working for SVG has been beyond fulfilling, and I am very grateful to the knowledgeable, warm, and welcoming editors who have helped me improve my craft writing about all facets of gaming. I’ve covered topics ranging from industry news, to the streaming world, to Xbox and Nintendo games and beyond, and I’ve enjoyed it all. I look forward to what the new year has to bring with my writing at SVG.

My SVG profile can be found here: scroll down to find every article I’ve written, updated in real time.

Here are my personal favorites:

  1. BioShock Proves It’s More Than A Game Or Netflix Movie
  2. The Resident Evil Series Is Discussing The Character Fans Really Want To See
  3. This Elden Ring Mod Is Taking Co-Op Up A Notch
  4. Metroid Fusion Ending Explained
  5. Ludwig Reveals Biggest Pros And Cons Of YouTube Vs. Twitch
  6. When Will We Get A New Top-Down Zelda Game?
  7. Every Witcher 4 Fan Theory So Far

Top 5 Screen Rant Articles

For just over two months, I contributed gaming news articles to Screen Rant, the online news site for all things pop culture. I have been a fan of video games for near my entire life, thanks to the influence of my brother from a young age. My first system was a Game Boy Advance, back when it was still the new Nintendo handheld on the block. Fast-forward to this 2021, and I earned the opportunity to right about my hobby as a Screen Rant freelancer. The following are my favorite articles that I’ve written.

Smash Bros Ultimate’s Final DLC Character Possibly Leaked In Bizarre Post

An anonymous 4chan leaker claims a Zelda rep, Capcom rep, and Waluigi are inbound to Super Smash Bros Ultimate despite the lack of a 3rd season pass.


An anonymous leaker on 4Chan claims a representative from The Legend of Zelda series, a Capcom character from a non-action-based game, and Waluigi will come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The post arrived in late January, before the reveal of both Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s Pyra/Mythra and Tekken‘s Kazuya, and predicts more content for the game to drop after the end of Fighter Pass Vol. 2.

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Metroid Dread Trailer Tells You Everything You Need To Know Pre-Launch

Nintendo has put out a Metroid Dread trailer recapping most of the game’s essential information, while revealing new tidbits on lore and abilities.


Samus Aran’s mission in the upcoming Metroid Dread will pit her against enemies both new and familiar, with a Nintendo Switch trailer recapping the most important story and gameplay elements. After a hiatus more than a decade long, the newest entry in the 2D Metroid series looks ambitious based on its cinematic cutscenes, story beats involving the E.M.M.I.s and Chozo species, and the variety of abilities and weapons at Samus’s disposal.

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Toby Fox sets a Deltarune Chapter 2 release date during Undertale’s sixth anniversary livestream, with a teaser revealing its September 17 launch.


Undertale‘s sixth anniversary livestream culminated in the reveal of Deltarune Chapter 2’s release date, and it’s arriving Friday, September 17. Undertale creator Toby Fox dedicated the stream to the original game, celebrating the six-year milestone of the franchise in a Deltarune Chapter 1 playthrough streamed alongside the indie game merch aficionados at Fangamer.

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WWE 2K22 Reportedly Has the Most Outdated Roster In Series

Sports Gamers Online has reported that unnamed sources from 2K Sports and Virtual Concepts view WWE 2K22’s roster as “the most outdated roster” ever.


Fans grappling with whether to purchase WWE 2K22 may have another reason to hesitate, as a report from Sports Gamers Online details. The team behind the WWE 2K series has spent a troubling past few years of developing games. WWE 2K20‘s legacy endures as that of an unenjoyable mess of glitches, and WWE 2K21 failed to release at all.

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Zelda: BOTW Lynel Sneak Attack Takes Player By Surprise

A Golden Lynel ambushes Link from out of nowhere in this Reddit video, clubbing him in the back of the head and triggering an instant game-over.


It turns out Lynels in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild don’t need Sheikah stealth clothing to sneak up on Link. A member of the game’s subreddit learned this through personal experience when a Golden Lynel charged from out of nowhere and clubbed Link on the head, triggering an instant game over.

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Learn From Leaders: Developing an Idea

This is the first video I edited in a series for Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange. Produced by Jon Eckhardt and Daniel Forbes, “Learn from Leaders” focused on essential steps to launching a company, with each episode featuring snippets of interviews with famous startup founders and CEOs.

Over the past several years EIX editors have interviewed famous and noteworthy founders and CEOs of groundbreaking companies, and published the videos of those discussions on our site. We re-edited those videos recently to distill the best advice from those interviews and create a new series, entitled “Learn from Leaders.” These videos, each of them focused on an important step in launching a company, provide wisdom and perspective for early stage entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our interview subjects include Dick Schulze, founder and former CEO of Best Buy; Linda Hall, former CEO of MinuteClinic; Eddie Hartman, founder of LegalZoom; Scott Nash, founder of Mom’s Organic Market; Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea; Jeff Freeland-Nelson, founder of Yoxo Toys; and Ann Winblad, founding partner of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

This first video focuses on how ideas develop — and you will see that the process is not always neat or linear.

Explore the rest of the series.

Everything Thought Leadership – Inside the McKinsey Publishing Machine – with Raju Narisetti

As the leader of McKinsey’s global publishing for three years and counting, Raju Narisetti has a knack for helping businesses, media companies and journalists remain relevant in the digital age. His goal at McKinsey, a leader in the management consulting industry, is to triple the size of its audience over five years.

Raju’s 32-year career includes 14 years as a writer and editor for The Wall Street Journal, where he was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. He was both the youngest and first person of color to appear on the mastheads of The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. (The masthead is a newspaper’s listing of its top editors, publisher and owners.) Raju also founded Mint, an Indian business newspaper, where was editor in chief for three years.

Raju and Bob Buday met each In November 2022 at Profiting From Thought Leadership, a conference that Bob has co-produced six times since 2016. At the event, Raju and McKinsey Global Editorial Director Lucia Rahilly spoke on their firm’s approach to thought leadership.

Today, Raju joins Bob on his firm’s “Everything Thought Leadership” video & podcast to discuss how McKinsey is able to produce so much high-quality content in high volume. Raju will also delve into how the firm has been using data visualization and digital tools to change the way it presents content, how he views the state of the thought leadership profession, and how he transitioned from journalism to professional services.

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Everything Thought Leadership – Thought Leadership’s True North: Client Service – with Paul Roehrig

Paul Roehrig has done it all as a thought leadership strategist, marketing officer, and more. Before he became Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Ascendion, the Syracuse University PhD graduate spent over 11 years at Cognizant in three VP roles, cultivating big ideas within the IT services giant’s Digital Business, Process Operations, and Center for the Future of Work business units. Previously, Paul served as a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Moreover, he has co-written three bestselling business books: Monster: A Though Love Letter On Taming the Machines that Rule our Jobs, Lives, and Future , What To Do When Machines Do Everything , and Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules.

Alan Alper worked extensively with Paul while the latter was at Cognizant. The two reunited on this episode of “Everything Thought Leadership,” where Paul shared what he believes the future holds for thought leadership in gene_ral and its role within the code economy.

Everything Thought Leadership – An Academic Exploration of the Topic – with Prof. Will Harvey

William S. Harvey is a professor of leadership and newly appointed Business School Education Director at the University of Bristol in the UK. He led a study on thought leadership at professional services firms in the late 2010s.

Specializing in corporate reputation, talent management, and leadership, the Durham University graduate has published in the Harvard Business Review and other leading publications. He has touched on subjects as varied as the role of tacit knowledge in research impact and the diverging experiences of work and social networks for immigrants in Singapore, Vancouver, and Boston. Harvey is also an International Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

In 2020, Harvey and his three co-authors (Vince-Wayne Mitchell, Alessandra Almeida Jones, and Eric Knight) published their research on thought leadership in a scholarly paper titled “The tensions of defining and developing thought leadership within knowledge-intensive firms.” In it, they redefined the often-misunderstood term of thought leadership and explained nine tensions that hamper its development and value for firms.

William Harvey and his co-authors saw clear value in the topic of thought leadership, leading them to their 2020 report and its key findings, which Harvey discusses in depth for this episode of “Everything Thought Leadership.” The leadership professor believes thought leadership should not be neglected by the world of academia, particularly in light of the challenges today with misinformation, disinformation, and fake news enabled by social media.

Everything Thought Leadership – Hermann Simon on Books, Thought Leadership, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Prof. Hermann Simon is a bestselling author of more than 40 books and expert in pricing and marketing strategy. His accolades, to name but a few, include becoming the only German in the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame and having a Chinese business school built in his namesake (the Hermann Simon Business School in Shouguang). While Simon was as a business administration professor for over 14 years at the Universities of Bielefeld and Mainz in Germany, he is best known for what came after — when he founded Simon-Kucher & Partners with professors Eckhard Kucher and Karl-Heinz Sebastian. As CEO from 1995 to 2009, Simon was instrumental in helping the consultancy become what it is today: a $500 million player with more than 40 offices around the world.

Bob Buday worked with Simon-Kucher in the middle of the last decade, leading Bloom Group’s work in helping Simon-Kucher partners Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke develop the content for their book Monetizing Innovation.

In this episode of Everything Thought Leadership, Simon joins Bob to discuss the key factors behind Simon-Kucher’s rise to prominence, the value of publishing books in the thought leadership content and marketing mix, and other topics.

Everything Thought Leadership – Unraveling Tech’s Thought Leadership Challenges – with Sabrina Horn

Sabrina Horn knows what it means to succeed in the harsh world of business leadership. She would tell you herself she has made no shortage of mistakes and failures. The best-selling author and current CEO of HORN Strategy arrived in Silicon Valley in the early 90s, founding the PR firm Horn Group, which Finn Partners acquired in 2015. Under Sabrina’s leadership, Horn Group grew to national renown: all the more impressive considering she came to Silicon Valley with only $500 in starting funds. Her journey as a leader has prompted Sabrina to realize the necessity of being humble, caring, and honest in the world of startups, even during financially strenuous times. This idea is the subject of her hot book, “Make It, Don’t Fake It: Leading with Authenticity for Real Business Success.”

Tune in as Sabrina joins Buday TLP’s Alan Alper to go over the principles and frameworks of her book, her perspective on thought leadership, and other lessons she has learned throughout her impressive career.

Everything Thought Leadership – Tom Stewart: Intellectual Capitalist Extraordinaire

Thomas A. Stewart is a thought leader on intellectual capital and customer experience who has become renowned worldwide for his expertise. Over the last 50 years, he has led the Harvard Business Review, served as CMO of Booz & Company, and published several best-selling business books. He recently was chief knowledge officer for AchieveNEXT, leading research and benchmarking for emerging and mid-market enterprises. Before AchieveNEXT, Tom was executive director for the National Center for the Middle Market. When Robert Buday worked at CSC Index (1987-1997), he pitched a story on a concept unknown to Tom at the time: business re-engineering.

Tom joins Robert today, 31 years later, to discuss his illustrious career.

Everything Thought Leadership – Outperforming Thought Leadership Starts with Visual Storytelling

Mary McBride joins her long-time colleague Alan Alper to discuss the lessons she has learned in her decades of experience enhancing thought leadership through brilliant visual storytelling. A freelance graphic designer and brand consultant based out of New York, she has crafted detailed white papers, infographics, e-Books, research reports, animations, and many more forms of visual content. Corporate clients she has done projects for include Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, and Bank of America. Mary has also crafted visual storytelling elements for dozens of law firms and non-profits.

Find her work on Behance: https://www.behance.net/MaryMcBride.