Everything Thought Leadership – From the Dawn of Internet Commerce to Fintech: with Julio Gomez

COO of Buday Thought Leadership Partners Alan Alper speaks with Julio Gomez, founder of Gomez Advisors, which later became part of the multimillion-dollar global software firm​ Dynatrace. Among his accolades, Julio was voted one of Time Magazine’s “Fifty Most Influential People Shaping Technology” and one of Wall Street’s “50 Most Influential People.” He currently works at the fintech Highnote as its Industry Evangelist and Thought Leader. Highnote provides businesses with the products, tools, and advice necessary to build their brands’ prestige and audiences.

Everything Thought Leadership – A Conversation with Jonathan Copulsky

Jonathan Copulsky sits down with Bob Buday for the fifth episode of Everything Thought Leadership. Jonathan is the former CMO of Deloitte, author of the book “Brand Resilience,” and a marketing lecturer for Northwestern University’s Medill and Kellogg Schools. He is a B2B marketing and strategy expert and thought leader of over 35 years.

Visit this link to donate to the research fellowship Jonathan and his children have set up at Loyola Marymount University, in honor of Jonathan’s late wife Ellen Carol Barreto: https://newsroom.lmu.edu/campusnews/h…

To learn more about Jonathan and his experience, visit his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/copulsky/

Or view his faculty pages at: https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/… ,

and https://www.medill.northwestern.edu/d…

Everything Thought Leadership – Building the Go-To Thought Leadership Firm: Bob Buday and Alan Alper 

Buday Thought Leadership Partners is pleased to welcome Alan Alper to the company, as principal and chief operating officer. Alan helped take Cognizant Technology Solutions to new heights through his work in building a thought leadership function, where he was VP of Global Thought Leadership.

Today, he joins Bob Buday to discuss his career in thought leadership, the future of the field, and what firms that compete on thought leadership must do to be recognized as top experts in their domains.

Read more from the official post on Budaytlp.com: https://budaytlp.com/2022/03/01/alan-…

Everything Thought Leadership – Bill Shander: Data Viz Whiz 

Robert Buday talks with Bill Shander in the third episode of the Everything Thought Leadership video & podcast series. Bill is a leading expert on data visualization, information design, data storytelling and more who has taught workshops around the world. He is also a board member of the Data Visualization Society.

Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li 

I started producing this hybrid video-podcast series for my father, Robert Buday of Buday Thought Leadership Partners, back in January of 2022. In short, the series is meant to demonstrate his expertise in the field of thought leadership. It is a field all about helping business-to-business firms develop and market superior expertise in solving complex issues. My dad communicates his own expertise through the poignant questions he poses to his guests: successful, well-respected thought leaders of today who come on to share their perspectives.

He tasked me with producing the series for him, taking the interviews with his guests and forming the series from them. In the first episode, Robert speaks with bestselling author and Altimeter Group Founder Charlene Li. You can find the video portion of the episode on YouTube, on the Buday Thought Leadership Partners channel. The podcast counterpart published the following week on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Everything Thought Leadership comes out with a new episode (in video and podcast form) at the start of every month, with the podcast variant releasing a week after the video portion. I do recommend you check it out and consider liking, sharing and subscribing!

Serial Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Noah Alper

Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels and several other businesses over the course of his career, sat down with Catherine Buday (my mom) in August to talk about his professional experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur. The following video is my synthesis of the main ideas from their conversation, with Noah giving crucial advice for budding entrepreneurs on how to pursue their passions, compensate for parts of the job they do poorly and work effectively with staff, even if that staff consists of family. Catherine narrates the opening.

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Top 5 Screen Rant Articles

For just over two months, I contributed gaming news articles to Screen Rant, the online news site for all things pop culture. I have been a fan of video games for near my entire life, thanks to the influence of my brother from a young age. My first system was a Game Boy Advance, back when it was still the new Nintendo handheld on the block. Fast-forward to this 2021, and I earned the opportunity to right about my hobby as a Screen Rant freelancer. The following are my favorite articles that I’ve written.

Smash Bros Ultimate’s Final DLC Character Possibly Leaked In Bizarre Post

An anonymous 4chan leaker claims a Zelda rep, Capcom rep, and Waluigi are inbound to Super Smash Bros Ultimate despite the lack of a 3rd season pass.


An anonymous leaker on 4Chan claims a representative from The Legend of Zelda series, a Capcom character from a non-action-based game, and Waluigi will come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The post arrived in late January, before the reveal of both Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s Pyra/Mythra and Tekken‘s Kazuya, and predicts more content for the game to drop after the end of Fighter Pass Vol. 2.

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Metroid Dread Trailer Tells You Everything You Need To Know Pre-Launch

Nintendo has put out a Metroid Dread trailer recapping most of the game’s essential information, while revealing new tidbits on lore and abilities.


Samus Aran’s mission in the upcoming Metroid Dread will pit her against enemies both new and familiar, with a Nintendo Switch trailer recapping the most important story and gameplay elements. After a hiatus more than a decade long, the newest entry in the 2D Metroid series looks ambitious based on its cinematic cutscenes, story beats involving the E.M.M.I.s and Chozo species, and the variety of abilities and weapons at Samus’s disposal.

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Toby Fox sets a Deltarune Chapter 2 release date during Undertale’s sixth anniversary livestream, with a teaser revealing its September 17 launch.


Undertale‘s sixth anniversary livestream culminated in the reveal of Deltarune Chapter 2’s release date, and it’s arriving Friday, September 17. Undertale creator Toby Fox dedicated the stream to the original game, celebrating the six-year milestone of the franchise in a Deltarune Chapter 1 playthrough streamed alongside the indie game merch aficionados at Fangamer.

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WWE 2K22 Reportedly Has the Most Outdated Roster In Series

Sports Gamers Online has reported that unnamed sources from 2K Sports and Virtual Concepts view WWE 2K22’s roster as “the most outdated roster” ever.


Fans grappling with whether to purchase WWE 2K22 may have another reason to hesitate, as a report from Sports Gamers Online details. The team behind the WWE 2K series has spent a troubling past few years of developing games. WWE 2K20‘s legacy endures as that of an unenjoyable mess of glitches, and WWE 2K21 failed to release at all.

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Zelda: BOTW Lynel Sneak Attack Takes Player By Surprise

A Golden Lynel ambushes Link from out of nowhere in this Reddit video, clubbing him in the back of the head and triggering an instant game-over.


It turns out Lynels in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild don’t need Sheikah stealth clothing to sneak up on Link. A member of the game’s subreddit learned this through personal experience when a Golden Lynel charged from out of nowhere and clubbed Link on the head, triggering an instant game over.

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Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid

Minecraft custom creations have ranged from the cool to the hilarious to the downright creepy, but one video of an Axolotl Turtle hybrid firing crossbow bolts takes the hilarity factor to another level. The classic open-world game holds a number of Easter eggs for fans to discover, in the form of enemies or items with a rare spawn rate, input commands that bring a secret to the surface, and rare encounters in the over-world. Glitch-hunting has also become popular…

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The Crew “Project Orlando” Screenshots Leak, Reportedly a New Game

The Crew buckles up for a new open-world adventure set in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, according to leaked screenshots and information from Reddit. The Crew‘s sequel The Crew 2 released in 2018 to mixed reception from racing gamers, who critique the game’s lacking graphics and story while approving of its variety of racing modes…

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