Here’s My Own Story

Storytelling runs in my immediate and extended family. My parents are both business writers; a brother is a technical writer; a sister is an accomplished artist (as was my late grandfather) and my uncle and cousin are Hollywood film editors (please stay for the credits after any Marvel movie and watch for the “Buday.”) Along with genetics, my life experiences and work projects have shaped my love for storytelling in all forms . My childhood interests in professional wrestling and video games gave me a fascination with colorful back stories and fast-paced adventures and taught me the value of pacing to keep the audience engaged. From participating in plays and musicals from sixth grade through sophomore year of college — an experience that included me playing a villain in “MacBeth” and a king in “Pippin” (see photos below) — I learned how to collaborate with other creative people and to modulate and project my voice, skills that inform my podcasting efforts today. As a member of a jazz band (trombone), I learned the importance of working with others to set the mood. Finally, my interest in “Dungeons and Dragons,” picked up while at UMass, taught me the value of collaborating with others to produce stories that were ever-evolving, fresh and exciting.

Through those activities, I have found not only my sense of self-confidence, but my confidence to craft stories. My many articles written for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian at University of Massachusetts – Amherst, for the Amherst Wire and for my hometown paper honed both my journalism and video storytelling skills.

Most recently, I’ve immersed myself in video projects and podcasts. In addition to my journalism degree from UMass, I earned a certificate in film studies. The breadth of my major video and podcasting work can be found in my resume. I work primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro for videos and podcasts, and I’m currently taking an online class on Udemy for Adobe After Effects, which will award a certificate at the end.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or are looking for someone to edit your podcast or video.