Helping you tell your story
through engaging multimedia projects.

Videos • Podcasts • Articles

I help media companies, professional services firms, universities and other organizations promote themselves through videos, podcasts and articles. I have strong skills in podcast production and editing; video editing; business writing; popular culture journalism; and media outreach.


Video + Podcasts

I craft well-paced, engaging stories from video, audio, and special effects, working primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Feature Stories

I have interviewed founders and leaders of innovative startups, capturing their goals, challenges, and achievements.

General Reporting

I have covered events for local and college media. I write clearly, host insightful interviews, and take compelling pictures and videos.

Arts Features

I have published articles on pop culture, including theater and video games, on sites such as
Screen Rant and SVG.com.

My Work

Overview of e-Fest – Featuring HydroPhos Solutions

I’ve put together a number of videos for Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX), including those that spotlight e-Fest: the yearly competition between student entrepreneurs looking to fund their startup ventures. The idea behind this particular video (one of four like it) was to spotlight the event itself: how the day is broken up, what the…

Cutting Down to the Essentials

Many times the raw footage from a Zoom session needs to be edited down to just the points that matter. In this case, I worked with an hour-long discussion with four panelists who talked about their experiences selling their family business, hosted by the Family Business Center at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis.…

Honored to receive Schulze Publication Award

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) since 2020, putting together a host of video projects and articles for them. EIX is an online academic journal offering free resources and advice for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. It is expected to receive close to 5 million visits this year. One of…

Capturing the Energy and Excitement of a Student Competition

I produced several videos for the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, which hosts e-Fest — an annual competition that pits teams of student entrepreneurs all over the U.S against one another. Winners earn a share of $215,000 to fund the startup they’ve envisioned. Each April the student finalists…

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