Overview of e-Fest – Featuring HydroPhos Solutions

I’ve put together a number of videos for Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX), including those that spotlight e-Fest: the yearly competition between student entrepreneurs looking to fund their startup ventures. The idea behind this particular video (one of four like it) was to spotlight the event itself: how the day is broken up, what theContinue reading “Overview of e-Fest – Featuring HydroPhos Solutions”

Cutting Down to the Essentials

Many times the raw footage from a Zoom session needs to be edited down to just the points that matter. In this case, I worked with an hour-long discussion with four panelists who talked about their experiences selling their family business, hosted by the Family Business Center at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis.Continue reading “Cutting Down to the Essentials”

Honored to receive Schulze Publication Award

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) since 2020, putting together a host of video projects and articles for them. EIX is an online academic journal offering free resources and advice for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. It is expected to receive close to 5 million visits this year. One ofContinue reading “Honored to receive Schulze Publication Award”

Capturing the Energy and Excitement of a Student Competition

I produced several videos for the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, which hosts e-Fest — an annual competition that pits teams of student entrepreneurs all over the U.S against one another. Winners earn a share of $215,000 to fund the startup they’ve envisioned. Each April the student finalistsContinue reading “Capturing the Energy and Excitement of a Student Competition”

One Interview, Spun Four Ways

Sometimes one long stretch of video footage can serve many purposes. My work with the “Everything Thought Leadership” video and podcast series usually involves three versions of a video interview: a trailer that previews it; the video itself and a podcast. In this example, I was able to take an interview with Jim Wetherbe —Continue reading “One Interview, Spun Four Ways”

A Video That’s Been Viewed More than 400,000 Times

I’ve worked with Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange, a web site dedicated to improving the success rate of entrepreneur-led businesses, on several videos for a series entitled “Learn From Leaders.” A few years before I did my work, EIX editors did one-on-one interviews with noteworthy founders and CEOs of groundbreaking companies. The interview subjects include DickContinue reading “A Video That’s Been Viewed More than 400,000 Times”

Student Innovators Give the Walker a Fresh Spin

This is an example of my business writing. The client was Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange, a web site funded by Best Buy Founder Dick Schulze that aims to help more entrepreneur-led businesses succeed. I did a series of articles that featured past winners of e-Fest, a student business plan competition that EIX co-sponsors. I producedContinue reading “Student Innovators Give the Walker a Fresh Spin”

Everything Thought Leadership – Inside the McKinsey Publishing Machine – with Raju Narisetti

As the leader of McKinsey’s global publishing for three years and counting, Raju Narisetti has a knack for helping businesses, media companies and journalists remain relevant in the digital age. His goal at McKinsey, a leader in the management consulting industry, is to triple the size of its audience over five years. Raju’s 32-year careerContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – Inside the McKinsey Publishing Machine – with Raju Narisetti”

Overview of my Work at SVG.com

Hello! In advance of the new year, I wanted to spotlight my most recent stint of writing. Once again, I have returned to writing about my life-long love of video games. About 9 months ago, I took on a freelance writer position at SVG.com: a multi-platform news and feature outlet dedicated to all things gaming.Continue reading “Overview of my Work at SVG.com”

Everything Thought Leadership – Thought Leadership’s True North: Client Service – with Paul Roehrig

Paul Roehrig has done it all as a thought leadership strategist, marketing officer, and more. Before he became Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Ascendion, the Syracuse University PhD graduate spent over 11 years at Cognizant in three VP roles, cultivating big ideas within the IT services giant’s Digital Business, Process Operations, and Center forContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – Thought Leadership’s True North: Client Service – with Paul Roehrig”