Everything Thought Leadership – A Conversation with Jonathan Copulsky

Jonathan Copulsky sits down with Bob Buday for the fifth episode of Everything Thought Leadership. Jonathan is the former CMO of Deloitte, author of the book “Brand Resilience,” and a marketing lecturer for Northwestern University’s Medill and Kellogg Schools. He is a B2B marketing and strategy expert and thought leader of over 35 years. VisitContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – A Conversation with Jonathan Copulsky”

Everything Thought Leadership – Building the Go-To Thought Leadership Firm: Bob Buday and Alan Alper 

Buday Thought Leadership Partners is pleased to welcome Alan Alper to the company, as principal and chief operating officer. Alan helped take Cognizant Technology Solutions to new heights through his work in building a thought leadership function, where he was VP of Global Thought Leadership. Today, he joins Bob Buday to discuss his career inContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – Building the Go-To Thought Leadership Firm: Bob Buday and Alan Alper “

Everything Thought Leadership – Bill Shander: Data Viz Whiz 

Robert Buday talks with Bill Shander in the third episode of the Everything Thought Leadership video & podcast series. Bill is a leading expert on data visualization, information design, data storytelling and more who has taught workshops around the world. He is also a board member of the Data Visualization Society.

Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li 

I started producing this hybrid video-podcast series for my father, Robert Buday of Buday Thought Leadership Partners, back in January of 2022. In short, the series is meant to demonstrate his expertise in the field of thought leadership. It is a field all about helping business-to-business firms develop and market superior expertise in solving complexContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li “

Serial Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Noah Alper

Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels and several other businesses over the course of his career, sat down with Catherine Buday (my mom) in August to talk about his professional experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur. The following video is my synthesis of the main ideas from their conversation, with Noah giving crucial advice forContinue reading “Serial Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Noah Alper”

Top 5 Screen Rant Articles

Metroid Dread Trailer Tells You Everything You Need To Know Pre-Launch Nintendo has put out a Metroid Dread trailer recapping most of the game’s essential information, while revealing new tidbits on lore and abilities. BY JOHN BUDAYPUBLISHED SEP 10, 2021 Samus Aran’s mission in the upcoming Metroid Dread will pit her against enemies both new and familiar, with a NintendoContinue reading “Top 5 Screen Rant Articles”

Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid

Minecraft custom creations have ranged from the cool to the hilarious to the downright creepy, but one video of an Axolotl Turtle hybrid firing crossbow bolts takes the hilarity factor to another level. The classic open-world game holds a number of Easter eggs for fans to discover, in the form of enemies or items with a rare spawn rate, inputContinue reading “Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid”

The Crew “Project Orlando” Screenshots Leak, Reportedly a New Game

The Crew buckles up for a new open-world adventure set in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, according to leaked screenshots and information from Reddit. The Crew‘s sequel The Crew 2 released in 2018 to mixed reception from racing gamers, who critique the game’s lacking graphics and story while approving of its variety of racing modes… Read More on Screen Rant

Pokémon Unite Mission Glitch Is Keeping Players From Claiming Rewards

A new glitch in Pokémon Unite has arisen, which prevents players from collecting Social Daily Mission rewards. Millions of trainers worldwide enjoy the battle and goal-smashing action of Unite, but like countless modern games, it bears a history of glitches. These have ranged from minor inconveniences to more acute setbacks. In the case of TiMi Studio Group’s imagining of a Pokémon MOBA, these glitchesContinue reading “Pokémon Unite Mission Glitch Is Keeping Players From Claiming Rewards”