Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li 

I started producing this hybrid video-podcast series for my father, Robert Buday of Buday Thought Leadership Partners, back in January of 2022. In short, the series is meant to demonstrate his expertise in the field of thought leadership. It is a field all about helping business-to-business firms develop and market superior expertise in solving complexContinue reading “Everything Thought Leadership – Divining the Disruptive Force of Digital Media: with Charlene Li “

Top 5 Screen Rant Articles

Metroid Dread Trailer Tells You Everything You Need To Know Pre-Launch Nintendo has put out a Metroid Dread trailer recapping most of the game’s essential information, while revealing new tidbits on lore and abilities. BY JOHN BUDAYPUBLISHED SEP 10, 2021 Samus Aran’s mission in the upcoming Metroid Dread will pit her against enemies both new and familiar, with a NintendoContinue reading “Top 5 Screen Rant Articles”

Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid

Minecraft custom creations have ranged from the cool to the hilarious to the downright creepy, but one video of an Axolotl Turtle hybrid firing crossbow bolts takes the hilarity factor to another level. The classic open-world game holds a number of Easter eggs for fans to discover, in the form of enemies or items with a rare spawn rate, inputContinue reading “Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid”

The Crew “Project Orlando” Screenshots Leak, Reportedly a New Game

The Crew buckles up for a new open-world adventure set in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, according to leaked screenshots and information from Reddit. The Crew‘s sequel The Crew 2 released in 2018 to mixed reception from racing gamers, who critique the game’s lacking graphics and story while approving of its variety of racing modes… Read More on Screen Rant

Pokémon Unite Mission Glitch Is Keeping Players From Claiming Rewards

A new glitch in Pokémon Unite has arisen, which prevents players from collecting Social Daily Mission rewards. Millions of trainers worldwide enjoy the battle and goal-smashing action of Unite, but like countless modern games, it bears a history of glitches. These have ranged from minor inconveniences to more acute setbacks. In the case of TiMi Studio Group’s imagining of a Pokémon MOBA, these glitchesContinue reading “Pokémon Unite Mission Glitch Is Keeping Players From Claiming Rewards”

GTA Online Player Flies a Little Too High On Oppressor

GTA Online players keep a busy schedule between the game’s variety of modes, but one player has preoccupied themselves breaking the game’s law of gravity and flying their motorcycle thousands of feet above the map. Online servers for GTA Online continue to host millions of fans engaged in online death matches, races, heist missions and a myriad of other modesContinue reading “GTA Online Player Flies a Little Too High On Oppressor”

The Witcher’s Place Of Power Recreated By Fan For A Wedding Gift

A fan of The Witcher series of games recently created a meticulously detailed model of a Place of Power, apparently as a wedding gift. The Witcher games have developed a dedicated fanbase since its first game’s release in 2007. Equipped with his reliable iron and silver swords, protagonist Geralt of Rivia maintains an outstanding reputation for his combat prowess across all canon of theContinue reading “The Witcher’s Place Of Power Recreated By Fan For A Wedding Gift”

D&D Celebration Features Star Trek: Discovery Cast & Wil Wheaton

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery and Wil Wheaton, the actor behind Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Wesley Crusher, will join in the festivities of D&D Celebration 2021, set to promote the upcoming The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign book. While the book releases in stores and online on September 21, the Dungeons & Dragons event takes place afterward beginning September 24 with a special preview showContinue reading “D&D Celebration Features Star Trek: Discovery Cast & Wil Wheaton”

Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Undertale‘s sixth anniversary livestream culminated in the reveal of Deltarune Chapter 2’s release date, and it’s arriving Friday, September 17. Undertale creator Toby Fox dedicated the stream to the original game, celebrating the six-year milestone of the franchise in a Deltarune Chapter 1 playthrough streamed alongside the indie game merch aficionados at Fangamer… Read More on Screen Rant

Pokémon OREO Cookies Have Already Been Graded By Collector

A gaming collector on Twitter has caught, appraised and packaged a pack of limited-edition Pokémon x OREO cookies. Partnerships between The Pokémon Company and big-name businesses have come about frequently over the years, especially for easily marketable products like movies and cards. Pokémon itself represents a highly marketable franchise that has grown an enormous worldwide fanbase, Nintendo’s largest outside of the Mario franchise… Read MoreContinue reading “Pokémon OREO Cookies Have Already Been Graded By Collector”