Student Innovators Give the Walker a Fresh Spin

This is an example of my business writing. The client was Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange, a web site funded by Best Buy Founder Dick Schulze that aims to help more entrepreneur-led businesses succeed. I did a series of articles that featured past winners of e-Fest, a student business plan competition that EIX co-sponsors. I producedContinue reading “Student Innovators Give the Walker a Fresh Spin”

Learn from Leaders: Famous Founders’ Best Advice for New Ventures

Planning, funding and growing your own startup venture requires vision, foresight, willingness to pivot and hard work. Who better to learn from than some of the smartest, creative and most successful entrepreneurs out there? This video series, produced by Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange’s (EIX) Daniel Forbes and Jon Eckhardt and edited by yours truly, featuresContinue reading “Learn from Leaders: Famous Founders’ Best Advice for New Ventures”

An Interview with the Bagel Baron

Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels and several other businesses over the course of his career, talked via Zoom about his professional experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur. The following video captures Noah’s main ideas and his crucial advice for budding entrepreneurs on how to pursue their passions, compensate for parts of the job theyContinue reading “An Interview with the Bagel Baron”

Past e-Fest Winners Continue Innovating

LivingWaters rainwater harvesting, filtration and storage systems in Rajasthan, India. Last year I had the pleasure of writing my first series of articles for Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX). The series of articles examines the progress of student entrepreneurs since winning at e-Fest, the yearly EIX competition where students compete with one another to winContinue reading “Past e-Fest Winners Continue Innovating”

Vascugenix Assists Cardiovascular Surgeons in the Operating Room

Cardiovascular surgeons need speed, efficiency and steady hands – usually two of them — when they use guidewires that help catheters navigate their way through blood vessels to a blockage. But a new device, made by e-Fest 2019 third-place winner Vascugenix, now makes this procedure faster and more efficient than ever before… Read More on EIX

Go Goldens Drives Home the Importance of Pivoting

Go Goldens resulted from Co-Founder Evan Eddleston’s research into retirement communities: talking with 75 top level staff members of those communities through Alignable, an app where small business owners can contact one another. He had worked with the company as a customer representative, and in the process learned various valuable tips and tricks for networking…Continue reading “Go Goldens Drives Home the Importance of Pivoting”

Breathing easier with the Orindi Cold Endurance Mask

Founded by Jordan Vanderham while a student at Grand Valley State University, Orindi manufactures a two-piece mask to make workers more comfortable in extremely cold environments, such as cold storage facilities and winter sports areas, in and outside Michigan. The Orindi Cold Endurance Mask features a balaclava to keep the head warm and a regulationContinue reading “Breathing easier with the Orindi Cold Endurance Mask”