Overview of my Work at SVG.com


In advance of the new year, I wanted to spotlight my most recent stint of writing. Once again, I have returned to writing about my life-long love of video games.

About 9 months ago, I took on a freelance writer position at SVG.com: a multi-platform news and feature outlet dedicated to all things gaming. SVG.com is owned and facilitated by Static Media, which facilitates a number of other pop culture brands including Wrestling Inc, Grunge, and Health Digest.

Working for SVG has been beyond fulfilling, and I am very grateful to the knowledgeable, warm, and welcoming editors who have helped me improve my craft writing about all facets of gaming. I’ve covered topics ranging from industry news, to the streaming world, to Xbox and Nintendo games and beyond, and I’ve enjoyed it all. I look forward to what the new year has to bring with my writing at SVG.

My SVG profile can be found here: scroll down to find every article I’ve written, updated in real time.

Here are my personal favorites:

  1. BioShock Proves It’s More Than A Game Or Netflix Movie
  2. The Resident Evil Series Is Discussing The Character Fans Really Want To See
  3. This Elden Ring Mod Is Taking Co-Op Up A Notch
  4. Metroid Fusion Ending Explained
  5. Ludwig Reveals Biggest Pros And Cons Of YouTube Vs. Twitch
  6. When Will We Get A New Top-Down Zelda Game?
  7. Every Witcher 4 Fan Theory So Far

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