Honored to receive Schulze Publication Award

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) since 2020, putting together a host of video projects and articles for them. EIX is an online academic journal offering free resources and advice for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. It is expected to receive close to 5 million visits this year.

One of the projects was a video series called “Learn from Leaders,” which detailed advice from CEOs and founders of groundbreaking companies–including Best Buy, MinuteClinic, and LegalZoom. I took pre-recorded interviews with the founders and CEOs and produced videos that distilled their advice on founding a startup into manageable steps. This included combing through the interviews to organize clips by topic, splicing the clips together, adding transitions and title sequences, and adding background music.

For the success of the first episode in the series, which has received more than 400,000 views, EIX has honored my work with a 2021 Schulze Publication Award. These awards are geared toward celebrating the EIX articles that have had the most impact. You can find the announcement and full list of award recipients here:


I am sincerely touched and beyond grateful for EIX’s recognition of my work. They have provided me with exceptional opportunities to hone my craft in writing and video editing in the realm of entrepreneurship. I would especially like to thank Schulze Distinguished Professors Daniel Forbes and Jon Eckhardt for working with me and providing guidance, and I look forward to continue working with them and others at EIX.

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